Sacramento, CA

Sacramento was the second city I ever called home. And although I wasn't born there and may not live there currently, I will always be a California girl. I was raised and lived around Sacramento from the age of 7 until I was 24 (when I ventured off to St. Louis). I grew up here so I have a big piece of my heart in this city. It holds good memories, sad memories, my family, friends, and of course…some amazing food. I am always traveling back and hope to add a lot more photos in the coming years of the from the delicious food scene here. But for the time being here are just a few of the photos from my last trip home. However, if you need recommendations contact me because I have so many more for the entire state! Here are some of my favorite things, some not photographed.



  • Cafeteria 15L: Downtown [fav food-Spicy Ahi Tuna Poke and Mocktails]

  • Chicago Fire: Multiple Locations [fav food- Grilled Artichoke]

  • Jack’s Urban Eats: Multiple Locations [fav food- Buffalo Chicken Salad and Urban Fries]

  • Ma Jong’s Asian Diner: Downtown [fav food- Thai Basil Chicken Chow Fun]

  • The Parlor: Rio del Oro [fav food- Stuffed Donut]

  • Revolution Wines: Newton Booth [fav food- Mac & Cheese]

  • Zocalo: Multiple Locations [fav food- Chicken Quesadilla]


  • Apple Hill: it’s a decent drive up on the way to Tahoe, but amazing farms, food, and picking experiences. Fall is beautiful up that way and a major tourist and local spot. Just make a trip of it and go up to Tahoe while you’re at it!

  • Brew Bike: while many locals find it annoying it’s a super fun way to explore downtown and try out a lot of local breweries.

  • The Capitol Building: great tours on the history of the building as well as the state of California.

  • Crocker Art Museum: great local museum serving up some serious art.

  • Folsom Lake: while it has been fairly dry lately, I grew up spending summers on this lake and it’s a gorgeous area. Folsom is only about a 20 minute drive out of the city and has a great old town, newer restaurants, hiking, etc.

  • Old Sacramento: fun to wander, check out the shops, waterfront, restaurants, and train museum.

  • Sacramento Community Theatre: Broadway Sacramento has a lot of shows traveling through constantly. Always amazing shows and a wonderful atmosphere.

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