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Neighborhood: South Hampton

Favorite dish: peach cobbler

Original reason for visiting: social media


Oh man these cupcakes are adorable! And who doesn’t love a mini cupcake? These little guys are as tasty as they are delicious. There is nothing I hate more than good looking food that doesn’t taste as good as it looks!


Luckily Contrary Cupcakes has perfected the looks and tastes of these little treats. We dropped in on a Saturday afternoon and witnessed a little one’s birthday party. The staff was fun and friendly, the environment bright and cheery, and the smell…oooo I love the smell of a working bakery. My favorites from this trek were the peach cobbler and the coffee n donuts! All the cupcakes I had were moist and flavorful. I’m not a big cupcake person, so little ones like these are just the right size.


Contrary Cupcakes is always changing up their flavors AND they have weekly specials.

Neighborhood: Shaw

Favorite dish: mint chip  

Original reason for visiting: social media


This is my favorite spot for ice cream in the city. This was one of the first places we started to frequent when we moved out here. I mean ice cream + science, what’s not to love? Also, it’s just so darn delicious.


My favorite flavor that you can always find on the menu is the mint chip because duh, that’s my favorite flavor of all ice cream. They also have seasonal flavors to keep it interesting, so you can't go just once. My favorites from that have been pumpkin, Girl Scout thin mint, and strawberry celebration! And if you are over the age of 21 try the boozy options. Yes, there is more than one place in town with alcohol in their ice cream! The BF’s favorite is the frozen dude.


They have a fun little shop that can get quite packed, but there is always room to watch your treat being made. And of course, they have a great patio for the warmer weather. So, do yourself a favor and find the blue and pink building near tower grove park and get your ice cream on!

Neighborhood: McRee Town

Favorite dish: olive oil lavender loaf  

Original reason for visiting: social media


I’d been to Chouquette on multiple occasions when visiting St. Louis and always loved the warm environment, wonderful staff and delicious treats. Now however it holds a very special place in my heart. Day one living in St. Louis and I remember feeling so scared of being in a new town and a new place “on my own”. Obviously I have my boyfriend and my mother was in town still helping me unpack. But I really wanted to feel like I belonged already and knew the town.


So, we took my mom to the only places I really knew and loved: The Botanical Gardens, Chouquette, and Olio.  We stopped in for breakfast that first morning and I remember showing off the place, so proud of knowing such a hip spot in my new city already. Our service was wonderful as always and our food even tastier. It was the first real breakfast as a St. Louis resident and for that, it will always be a favorite of mine. It was also my first real “foodie in St. Louis” instagram post!


I of course go back often now and always bring my out of town guests here because they always hear me talk so much about it. I have acquired a special love for certain treats. Any and all of the loafs are go to for me, while the boyfriend loves the darkness (triple chocolate croissant). Of course many people love to visit for the French macarons, high tea, cakes, chouxnuts, and other wonderful treats.


Go there today and make your own wonderful memories!


Neighborhood: Lafayette Square

Favorite dish: gooey butter cake ice cream

Original reason for visiting: word of mouth


Ice cream, the best of all the desserts and I’m a dessert expert…well I eat a lot anyway. Clementine’s was one of the first places we tried in St. Louis and since then has been a favorite stop for a sweet treat.


Clementine’s is St. Louis’ first microcreamery. They make small batches of handmade ice cream using 100% natural ingredients, such as scooping out a big pumpkin for a fall batch or growing their own mint on their porch or a minty batch. And like so many St. Louis folks, they like to use local ingredients and products. So you’ll find Park Avenue’s gooey butter cake, candy from Bissinger’s, and macarons from Chouquette.


Something else that makes this stop unique is their naughty and nice theme with flavors in the shop. Naughty flavors contain booze, while the nice flavors are "non-boozy". Needless to say I have sampled almost every nice flavor in the place sans nuts. I have now become a bit of an expert and can say my favorite flavors are: front porch mint, gooey butter cake, toffee butter brickle, cardamom, and pumpkin.


UPDATE: used this ice cream in my gooey butter cake ice cream sammies and it was AMAZING.

This is one of my favorite stops and I was so glad to see that St. Louis has multiple locations. This cake was actually at a dear friend's bridal shower.


I mean the cake itself was just too beautiful. She actually had a hard time cutting it because it was afraid of ruining it. Great news, it was just as delicious as it was beautiful. Usually I'm not a lemon cake girl, but let me tell you...this was incredible. Moist and not overly citrusy. So delicious and worth the demolishing of a piece of art.

Neighborhood: Benton Park (Cherokee Street)

Favorite dish: ginger cookie and ice pops

Original reason for visiting: word of mouth


While making the weekend walk down Cherokee Street’s Antique Row looking in all the cute shops you definitely build up an appetite. And what better way to fix that than dropping in to Whisk?


Whisk is an all-natural, sustainable bakery serving some serious treats. They have seasonal favorites, modern creations, and local tea & coffee to enjoy on a daily basis. I happened to have visited during their 3 year anniversary party, which entailed adorable decorations AND free funfetti cake for each customer. I ordered the apple cinnamon cupcake and the pumpkin brownie. Both were amazing, but nothing can compare to that cupcake. Definitely a must for fall and an amazing treat to bring to your next holiday party.


You can also find whisk at the Tower Grove Farmer’s Market in the summer and many other festivals serving up treats and ice pops. They have such fun and creative flavors, you couldn’t possibly try them all…but why not try!

Neighborhood: Soulard

Favorite dish: chocolate chip cookie dough  

Original reason for visiting: word of mouth


After a long Saturday of exploring Cherokee Street and Soulard I decided some afternoon treats were needed. The Sweet Divine was the choice of the day. The cute shop is bright and sweet with an amazing staff that truly cares for their work and customers.


Photographed are just a few of the amazing creations they make in their shop. From the signature side of their cupcakes I have photos of:  the drunken pig- Newcastle Beer and sharp cheddar cheese cupcake, sharp cheddar cream cheese frosting, and topped with bacon & the chocolate chip cookie dough- chocolate cupcake, chocolate chip cookie dough baked inside, vanilla buttercream, topped with chocolate chips. And from their weekly changing flavors I have pictures including: sprinkles- vanilla cupcake baked with sprinkles, vanilla buttercream, topped with sprinkles & white chocolate raspberry- vanilla & white chocolate chip cupcake, raspberry filling, raspberry buttercream, topped with white chocolate. For their full menu check online here!


They also have whoopie pies, cookies, ice cream sandwiches and much more. If you call in you can order some amazing custom cakes. So many deletable treats from this bakery, you definitely need to drop in soon.  And if you're lucky they will have the gooey butter cake cookie ice cream sandwich in. It is my favorite! What can I say, I’m a sucker for that Saint Louis gooey butter cake…oh and ice cream!

Neighborhood: Southwest Garden

Favorite dish: glazed

Original reason for visiting: word of mouth


"This place is famous. I saw it on the internet." These were the words of an older crotchety gentleman waiting in line at World's Fair Donuts. I never would have thought he knew the word google, let alone know how to use it.


Although World’s Fair may be famous in St. Louis, it’s not one of those specialty donut places popping up around the country. It's nice to see a place with simple, fresh, old-fashioned donuts. Don't get me wrong, I am a sucker for those hip places too! But it is nice to go into a place where the elderly owner and his wife are behind the counter, churning out these buttermilk donuts all day. The smell hits you down the road and options are pretty great. Oh and you can always get a bottle of milk to go with! Very important.


Not only are the donuts great, but so is the location. 1904 S Vandeventer Ave, 1904 was the World’s Fair in St. Louis. Get the name now? It is conveniently on the same street as some great antiquing, The Bug Store, and its walking distance to the Botanical gardens. So you can make the most of your morning and hit up all of those places!


World’s Fair is a classic in the city, so make sure to grab your cash and head over there soon.  

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