soup and chili round up.

I thought a great thing right now would be a soup and chili round up for you all so you can make some delicious soups while you're at home. Why are soups so good during times like these? One - tasty. Two - great for storing in the freezer if needed. 3 - many are made with pantry staples. 4 - mostly healthy and good for you!

So, below you'll find some of my favorite soups and chilis that can easily be made at home...a lot include canned goods and easy ingredients. They are all delicious and easily storable.

I've also included a few soup recipes below of my favorite soups made by friend bloggers from their sites that you should also definitely check out. Because they are amazing and delicious too. And now is the time to support one another because we are all better together.

I'm also going to link my favorite challah recipe here because bread is the perfect food to go with soup! And literally this one would be delicious with all these recipes.

Veg-Heavy Tortilla Soup

Brand new to the website, packed with veggies, and full of flavor!

White Bean Turkey Chili

This is my all-time fave and we make this one so often.

Sage and Garlic White Bean Soup

This soup is super creamy and basically all pantry staples!

Green Chile White Bean Soup

Another one that is basically all in your pantry...and sausage. Which is a great thing for your fridge at times like these as they last a long time!

Butternut Squash Soup

This guy is packed with vitamins and flavor.

Vegan Pumpkin Soup

Honestly, another great and tasty recipe made with a lot of pantry staples!

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