fig smash cocktail.

So here is another recipe from the shoot I did with Laura Ann Miller Photography (all photos are hers, and magical). It was an amazing shoot filled with gorgeous flowers, rentals, and gowns. I actually got to play one of the guests at the wedding. ha. Definitely NOT a model. But it was such a fun day! I made a couple of different drinks for the shoot. This fig smash, an apple cider bourbon drink, and the cranberry-herb cocktail.

Although I'm used to being the one styling and planning when it comes to events, it was so fun to just step in and participate as a "guest" and just bring some drinks and help with some final touches! And it was also great to have such an amazing photographer take such stunning photos of the day as well!

The flowers were done by a friend who runs a company called Accents Floral Designs. This is run by Alaina, who actually invited me into this shoot and helped me create a beautiful backdrop for a workshop!

And the stationary was hand done by my beautiful friend Alicia at On Three Design. Honestly this girl is so talented in everything she does. She is also a hoot and a pleasure to work with. We worked on a lot of projects together in St. Louis. Alicia also stepped in with her hubby to play bride and groom!

This was also the day I met Claire from Juno Bridal. Her dresses are incredible! And she played a guest at the wedding with me as well!

All of the bride's hair and makeup was done by another amazing friend Savanah Summer! She is truly the most talented hair and make-up artist in St. Louis and basically everyone wants her for their weddings and special events. And I don't blame them!

And lastly it was styled by Megan Styled and rentals from The Antiquarian.

To see more of the images, please check out Laura Ann Miller Photography:


  • 8 fresh figs

  • 3 cups champagne

  • 1 tbsp honey

  • 1/2 lemon

  • sliced figs or herbs for garnish

1. Into a blender add figs, champagne, honey, and juice from the lemon.

2. Blend well. Stain and pour into glasses.

3. Top with garnish and enjoy!

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