telula juice pops.

At this point I think you all know how big of a juice fan I am...I mean Buster Bluth has got nothing on me. So linking up with Telula is the perfect partnership and they introduced me to some delicious, pure, organic, cold-pressed juice! It's free of GMOs, toxic pesticides, additives, and all that other bologna. I've loved trying all the different flavors and sharing them with my friends. Right now my fave flavors: green zing, melon mint, carrot citrus, and this blackberry chia!

So, like I do with everything edible in my house, I had to make this into a treat! It's super delicious AND super healthy. All we've got is juice, greek yogurt, and fresh blackberries...kinda like the base to my smoothies. So it's actually the perfect breakfast pop. I mean, who doesn't want a popsicle for breakfast? It's like really the only thing to get you through these hot mornings and into work.

Get yourself a pop mold (I got mine on amazon) and head to your nearest Whole Foods to pick up some Telula asap. And if you're like "nah, Telula needs to come right to my door". Well, you're not wrong! I'VE GOT JUICE FOR YA. Head over to my instagram and enter our giveaway for a 6 pack of Telula and a $100 Whole Foods gift card. This is a big like go enter. Right now!


  • 1 1/4 cup Telula blackberry chia juice

  • 1 cup vanilla greek yogurt

  • Handful of blackberries, halved

  1. Place a few blackberries into each popsicle mold.

  2. Blend together 1 cup of juice and 1 cup yogurt. Pour mixture into molds. There should be a bit of room on top for some juice.

  3. Pour juice on top, leaving just a bit of room for expansion while freezing.

  4. Place popsicle sticks into the mixture and freeze for 4+ hours. Take out* and enjoy! *I usually have to run hot water over my molds to get the pops to come out. Then I store them in freezer bags!

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