kale pineapple mint smoothie.

I LOVE SMOOTHIES. We all know that. Whether you follow me here or on any social media platform you see them probably way too often. I mean, do you know anyone else who eats and enjoys smoothies as much as I do? Probably not. But if you do, please connect me with them so we can share our intense love for blended fruit drinks.

Recently I’ve been trying to mix up my normal pink dranks (or bowls) with something a little more veggie driven. Yeah, I throw some spinach in with peaches and berries, but I wanted something that tasted even more green…more earthy, but also sweet. So when we were in New Orleans a few months ago I ordered this kale, mint, pineapple smoothie and it was a game changer. For the summertime (and for someone without a juicer) it’s an incredible alternative to green juice. And it has that thickness I love! However, it's definitely more of a drink...I don’t think I’ll be making it into a smoothie bowl anytime soon.

Making this recipe was interesting. I really over did it on the kale the first go around. It tasted like a drinkable salad. Not my jam. I tried a few more times to get my ratio right and I think this is perfect. And yes, it's VEGAN!

Because of my love for all things blended, when Ninja reached out offering me their new Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO to test out, I had to! I had pretty high expectations for this product since I’m from a Ninja household. But really I had no clue how amazing it would be. I’ve never had a blender with the ready to go cups. And if you haven’t, you definitely need to get on this. One: it’s so much easier on clean up. I don’t know about you, but the less mess the better. Two: it has a spout lid! No more need to pour it into another container. It’s ready to go when you are.

Also, this new IQ technically had me really skeptical. Until I made my first drink on the smoothie setting and let it work its magic. It came out creamy, perfect and so smooth! GUYS I’m not being paid to say all this, I’m just super amazing.

Okay, well now that I’ve sold you on this smoothie and new blender, I guess I’ll share the recipe with you all.

Yields: 1 large or 2 small smoothies


  • ½ cup massaged green kale

  • 6-8 mint leaves

  • 1½ cup frozen pineapple chunks (more if you need it thicker, or add ice)

  • ¼ - ½ cup coconut water

1. Place all ingredients into in Nutri Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO (or other blender). I layer mine kale, mint, pineapple, then coconut water. When it flips this has the pineapple closest to the blades.

2. Blend until smooth.

3. Pour and enjoy.


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