gooey butter cake ice cream sammies.

Valentines/Galentines Day is upon us and I’ve got the cuteness hookup for you this year. It’s been a big year for me with the move to St. Louis, so I’ve decided to embrace it and make a treat that embodies the city with my newest friend Lia! We’ve created these gooey butter cake ice cream sandwiches. They were by no means an easy task, but we’re working on perfecting a process and hope you take up the challenge yourself. We also used a local ice cream, Clementine’s, for the filling. I hope this post gives you a little Valentines Day inspiration. If you try them out, be sure to post a pic to Instagram (or any social media) and tag #feedmewithamanda.

Let's get started by letting you know...this takes a LOT of butter...not this much. BUT a lot.

Above is the crust dough. This you will smush down with your hands. It is sooooo fun. I promise.

This is the fluffy gooey butter cake topping.

Here's the delicious toffee butter brickle ice cream from our local parlor Clementine's.

Now here comes the final products.



  • 1½ quarts ice cream- your favorite store brand or homemade


  • ½ cup softened butter

  • 1 eggs

  • 3 Tablespoons milk

  • ½ Tablespoon vanilla extract

  • ½ cup all purpose flour

  • 1 package of yellow cake mix

Gooey Butter Topping

  • 1 cup softened butter

  • 1 cup cream cheese (room temperature)

  • 2¼ cup powdered sugar

  • 1 cup granulated sugar

  • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract

  • 2 eggs

  • ½ cup corn syrup

  • 2½ cups cake flour

  • ¼ cup of water

  • 1 Tablespoon

  • ¾ teaspoons salt

  1. Preheat your oven to 350° F. Line a large 19x26 sheet pan (or a 9x13 pan for a very thick treat) with parchment paper.

  2. Start with your crust by adding your wet ingredients in your mixer and mixing thoroughly. In a separate bowl add the dry crust ingredients and mix. Slowly add the dry mixture to the wet and let mix until smooth and fully incorporated.

  3. Take the crust mixture and press down evenly across your pan. You can use a spatula or clean hands (a little oil on your fingers may help).

  4. Now start on the gooey butter cake topping. In your mixer bowl add butter, cream cheese, vanilla, 2 eggs, corn syrup, milk and water. Mix until combined. Then in a separate large bowl add the powdered sugar, granulated sugar, cake flour, and salt. Mix with a spoon and slowly add it into the mix mixture in your mixer. Let that mix until light and fluffy!

  5. Pour the fluffy gooey butter topping mixture on top of the crust layer. Evenly spread this with a spatula.

  6. Place your baking pan in the oven with a cookie sheet on the rack below it in case your cake gets a little messy. Depending on the pan you chose to use, the time with vary. With the larger shallow pan 15-20 minutes, 30-40 minutes for a deeper pan. Be sure to keep your eyes on it. It will become a golden brown on top when ready.

  7. Once you take your pan out let cool, cover with plastic wrap or foil and place in the freezer for at least 1 hour.

  8. Take out your pan and cut your cake in half to leave you with two wide cakes. Take a smaller pan (half the size of your original pan, but taller.) Line again with parchment paper, overlapping the sides. Place one of the cakes inside the pan. Take your ice cream (let it be a little softened) and layer it on top of the first layer of the cake. Spread evenly. Place the other layer of cake over the ice cream. Wrap this pan in plastic wrap or foil and place in the freezer for at least 1 hour (would be best to keep over night.)

  9. Remove from the freezer. Pull the parchment paper out of the pan and use cookie cutter or a large knife to cut the shapes you wish to have.

  10. Decorate if you wish with sprinkles, melted chocolate, etc. You can refreeze in a sealed container.

  11. Enjoy!

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