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   Photography & Styling    

To book a session for portraits, family photography, product photography, styling or shooting, feel free to contact me at feedmewithamanda (at) gmail (dot) com


If you've got a fun or amazing product and just can't will yourself to take the photos yourself...or have no clue how to, let me take it from there. I can shoot and style all your products for websites, instagram, and even your etsy. All photos and styling are my own, Bird photos by Alex Aristei.


Or if you're a photographer and don't wish to do your own styling ...Or a blogger who doesn't want to photograph your own recipes, that's another service I can assist with. Below is some styling I've done for restaurants and Feast Magazine. All photos and styling are my own, cheese board photos are by Jonathan Gayman

 Portraits & Family

I actually started off in photography taking photos of people, not food or products. I still have  great passion for photography with people as the subject. I do portraits, family, maternity, babies, and more.