Photography & Styling    

To book a session for portraits, family photography, product photography, styling or shooting, feel free to contact me at feedmewithamanda (at) gmail (dot) com

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Do you need help with quality photographing your fun and amazing product? I can shoot and style all your businesses products for your website, social media, etsy, press, and more. 

Here's how I can help you with your food photos:

  • If you are a restaurant in need of photographs for your social media, website, press, or menu.

  • If you are a magazine in need of recipes or stories and photos.

  • If you are a photographer and need help with styling your photos.

  • If you are a blogger who needs help photographing your own recipes.

Are you in need of fresh, bright and airy photos of your family? Or portraits of yourself or team for your website? A blogger who needs new social media photos? Let me help you with your photo needs. 

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