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   Photography & Styling    

To book a session for portraits, family photography, product photography, styling or shooting, feel free to contact me at feedmewithamanda (at) gmail (dot) com

Do you need help with quality photographing your fun and amazing product? I can shoot and style all your businesses products for your website, social media, etsy, press, and more. 


Here's how I can help you with your food photos:

  • If you are a restaurant in need of photographs for your social media, website, press, or menu.

  • If you are a magazine in need of recipes or stories and photos.

  • If you are a photographer and need help with styling your photos.

  • If you are a blogger who needs help photographing your own recipes.

Are you in need of fresh, bright and airy photos of your family? Or portraits of yourself or team for your website? A blogger who needs new social media photos? Let me help you with your photo needs.