Neighborhood: Hi-Pointe

Favorite dish: kona kampachi

Original reason for visiting: invited by the restaurant


A new restaurant has filled the space where The Restaurant at The Cheshire once sat...and it's pretty delicious. This new restaurant, Boundary, now fills the renovated space creating an incredible new spot for St. Louis. The new menu curated by Chef Rex Hale for brunch, lunch, dinner and even happy hour feature modern takes on raw bar items, plates for the table, and of course delicious desserts.


I was fortunate enough in this visit to sit with the chef for a bit and hear his history in the culinary world and his take on food. St. Louis is so fortunate to have an incredible chef like Chef Rex in our city. He takes a modern twist with his food and I am so impressed with not only the beauty of each dish, but the flavors and textures of each plate was incredible.


I wanted to try all of the dishes they had to offer…so, I may have over eaten just a tad. Above you can find my absolute favorites from Boundary (their names are on the photos, click to expand). Some of my other favorites from this meal (not currently photographed) were: the poutine, Peruvian ceviche, endive salad, whole crispy snapper and the artisanal cheese board.


Don't worry, I didn't forget about dessert! I believe I may have tried every single dessert option...including each ice cream flavor they make in house! I am partial to the mousse and warm pear polenta cake, however the local apple crisp and meyer lemon cheesecake were killer. Even if you aren't a cheesecake person, this cheesecake will make you a believer. Most importantly though the ice cream! They make all of their own ice cream in house! I tried the cardamom, the raspberry sorbet, the chocolate and the grapefruit buttercream. All pf which were phenomenal.


I definitely recommend adding this one to your restaurant check-off list! I can't wait to go back...maybe for brunch next time.


This meal was complementary, but the thoughts and feelings about this restaurant and experience are genuine and my own.  


Neighborhood: Marine Villa (Cherokee Street)

Favorite dish: cornbread

Original reason for visiting: social media


Oh how I love fried chicken…and oh how it hates me! I have an interesting relationship with fried chicken since most of the time when I eat it, it really kills my stomach. I just can’t handle the grease. So at home I just bake it instead. It doesn’t get the same exact flavoring or texture, but it’s still tasty.


However, by some miracle Byrd & Barrel has perfected the no grease fried chicken. Okay…maybe it’s not no grease, but you can see by the photos that the parchment paper doesn’t even have a mess under the nugz! That’s crazy to me! And the best part is…IT TASTES SO GOOD. The spices and the texture of the breading were phenomenal, but what really got me was the cook of the chicken. It was perfectly done. And I got to be a big baby and order my white meat nugz! We also tried the ranch, bbq, sweet honey chili, and spicy mustard sauces for dipping in addition to condiments on the table. My favorite overall was a table condiment, the jalapeno malt vinegar. Such a unique flavoring that I ended up drenching my last nug in it. The sides you MUST try are the savory beignets, spiced tots, and the cornbread. The cornbread…covered in honey butter…man I’m salivating just thinking about it.


Not to mention they have a drive-through and amazing patio. Want more cool facts? Good. They also support local farms and local beverage vendors. ALSO, I was just given the heads up that they are going to be working with another local business making some sweet treats! I can’t wait to get back there for those and the upcoming patio season!


Be sure to check them out next time you’re on Cherokee Street or swing by the drive-through and bring some of their delicious food home with you!

Neighborhood: Downtown

Favorite dish: yucca frita

Original reason for visiting: location + word of mouth


Did you all realize we have amazing Peruvian food right here in St. Louis? Yup, right downtown we have an amazing Peruvian restaurant and I couldn’t believe how delicious the food was. I don’t always find myself downtown for lunch, but when the opportunity struck I had to go to Mango.


We started our lunch with complimentary fried plantain chips and salsa verde, which I think I could have just eaten a barrel of those for lunch and been happy. But instead I pretended to be an adult and ordered the ceviche de pescado, a mango tea, and a side of yuca frita to share. The BF ordered the ají de gallina, which he devoured much too quickly (I was lucky to get a picture in first). The yuca frita are a must! Try their dipping sauce they pair with it, but also be sure to try it in the salsa verde that come with the plantain chips. So good. I’m addicted to tea, so for me the mango tea was a must and so refreshing. And if you like sangria, people seem to really enjoy it…and it’s super pretty so that’s also a plus!


I enjoyed the beautiful lighting, décor, and mellow atmosphere. We had a great server and the quality of food we received was incredible. So next time you find yourself downtown, make your way to Wash Ave and try out Mango! You won’t be sorry!

Neighborhood: Soulard

Favorite dish: margherita

Original reason for visiting: industry night


Okay, so I’ll probably get in trouble for saying it…but I’m not a very big fan of St. Louis style pizza! I just wasn’t born and raised on that provel cheese. I’m a more Italian or Chicago-style pizza person. So when I was invited to Pizzeoli to try their Neapolitan style pizza, I couldn’t resist.


And let me tell you, since that first slice I’ve been hooked. The sauce, the fresh mozzarella, and the crust…I could eat the crust by itself honestly. Whenever someone mentions going out for pizza this is all I want. I’ve been a few times now and can say that there is nothing that compares in St. Louis because not only is it delicious pizza, but the whole place is vegetarian! There are even vegan and gluten-free options!


The restaurant has a cool vibe with lots of character and an awesome view of the wood fire oven right when you walk in the door. Check the link to their page by clicking their name above, find their hours, and do yourself a favor and stuff your face with their pizza. And don’t forget to try the vegan sausage!

Neighborhood: Downtown

Favorite dish: gelato pops (are you surprised?)

Original reason for visiting: industry night


I am a big fan of the Niche Food Group and all things Gerard Craft, so when I was asked to come visit Porano Pasta I was ecstatic. I’ve been many times now and am still so shocked by how good and fresh the ingredients taste each time. If you haven’t heard about Porano Pasta, it’s a fast casual Italian restaurant in Downtown St. Louis. People are calling it “Chipotle-style”, but for pasta and salad.


They have some super authentic recipes with some really inventive takes on classics. Some of my favorite things there thus far are the spicy tofu, risotto balls, and gelato pops. Also, there pasta and toppings are fresh and plentiful so your options are endless. They do have some pre-thought up ideas on some tasty bowls, but feel free to get crazy and make up your own combination. No matter what I order I always make sure to get giardiniera. And really any place that serves giardiniera is good in my books.


The fun, hip location has a lot of character, but is meant to be a fun place where you can eat, play foosball, hang and have a good time. Also, did I mention their disposable dishware is compostable? Yeah…they’re also looking out for the environment. So, if you haven’t gone yet go check it out. Make it custom, order off the menu, and definitely don’t forget that gelato pop at the end!

Neighborhood: Midtown

Favorite dish: 3 piece white- medium/hot

Original reason for visiting: social media


Let me start by saying that I love fried chicken, but sometimes it’s too much for my stomach to handle. It’s delicious, but I can’t go daily. So if you’re the same and need to make fried chicken a “special treat”, then this is the place you need to go to treat yo'self.


I used to spend summers nannying in Atlanta, Georgia so I’ve had my fair share of delicious fried chicken. Southern’s name is pretty darn accurate for the quality of southern style food they have pumping out of that kitchen. They have so many options for sides, breading styles, and what piece of the chicken, it was actually a little tough to decide.


We ended up with original and medium/hot (basically a very hot anywhere else.) We then attempted to cover the bases with sides: southern (collard) greens, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, and butternut squash (a little on the sweet side.) Everything was fantastically delicious, even down to those little pickles. You can tell that their food is fresh, the quality is held to a very high standard and they want their customers to really get a taste of the south here in St. Louis. I’d say my favorite side was the mac and cheese, but if you are a true southerner than these collard greens will take you home. The chicken, while super spicy (and I have a high tolerance built up) was so tasty that I found myself sneaking bites of my leftovers before we even left.


The space is a little tight and can get packed for lunch, but they do dinner on Friday and Saturdays until 7pm…as long as they aren't sold out! It’s conveniently located next to Pappy’s BBQ and the East Side of SLU's campus. So if you’re looking for a fun place with the taste of the south, this is the joint for you!

Neighborhood: McRee Town (Tower Grove)

Favorite dish: turkey & swiss

Original reason for visiting: social media


We had some friends in town the opening week for Union Loafers, so we thought we’d give it a try after our morning walk in the Botanical Gardens.


The moment you walk up you can smell that wonderful freshly baked bread, which gets you hungry before you even walk in the door. Fortunately we were quickly seated and able to order. Although I’m not a huge swiss cheese person, I ordered the turkey & swiss on light & mild sourdough. Honestly, they could have put anything on that bread though and I would have eaten it. Luckily they didn’t just put anything on the bread though. They used the freshest of ingredients and it was pretty darn tasty.


Really the bread is the highlight of each meal here, as it should be. Seriously guys...if you feel the need to spoil yourself with something nice, spoil yourself with their bread. It is that good. Not only do they now serve lunch, but of course they sell bread ALL. DANG. DAY. Or until they sell out/6pm…whatever happens first.


The location is great and the atmosphere is wonderful. Everything from the woodwork on the tables to the little flowers on the shelves just makes it light, clean and happy. We also really enjoyed the staff here, all of whom checked in on us making sure we were taken care of. Be sure to head on over to the Tower Grove area and check them out. 


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Neighborhood: University City

Favorite dish: general tso’s chicken

Original reason for visiting: need for Chinese food + word of mouth


Well, it was almost a full year of living in St. Louis and hadn’t been to one Chinese restaurant since my move. I think this may be the longest period I had gone without (except for when I was 8 and decided to hate it for a whole 2 I have heard nothing but great reviews for Lu Lu Seafood & Dim Sum so I thought I would give it a try.


The way Lu Lu operates is that the staff stops by your table with salads, dim sum, general noodle dishes and dessert that you can take right off the cart and/or you can order off the very long menu. We grabbed a few dim sum containers: sesame balls for me and steamed pork buns for the boyfriend in addition to two salads: cucumber and seaweed (my favorite). All were delicious, fresh and refreshing.


We then ordered off the extremely long menu. My favorite dish is general chicken so of course we got an order of that in addition of and chicken chow fun. I know it has been a long time since I've had Chinese food, but this was even better than I could have imagined. The general chicken was so spicy and crispy. It was like my first time eating it all over again. The chow fun was good, but made even better with the chili on the table! We were both so happy with our meal, but had so much to take home.


We ended up with enough left-overs for 2 days! The cost for our meal was quite inexpensive and so delicious. We will definitely be going back...and perhaps making this our new pick-up spot on nights I don’t want to cook or go out! We are also excited to explore this area in University City some more. Lu Lu is a definite hot spot for those in need of a little dim sum.

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