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What's better than a free festival? Well, basically all festivals in St. Louis are free, but still, another one just sweetens the deal. Today when I started getting hangry for lunch, we just knew that we had to stop over since the festival is so close to home. We ended up getting some gyros, Greek fries, and spanakopita. Each one was delicious and fresh. And that's saying something when you're at a festival of this size.


Something important we wish we knew before heading over...there is more food inside (and air conditioning). Plated dinners, desserts, pastries, and baklava sundaes. We were just too full, but those sundaes looked amazing. If you haven't headed over yet, you still have until Labor Day to do so. So, pick yourself up and head on over to the corner of Kingshighway Blvd and Forest Park Ave! It's worth enduring the heat. 

How can I even describe this event? In short, it was AMAZING. But, I can’t just leave it at that, I want you to understand my experience and hopefully get to experience it as well. I had such a great time with Tenacious Eats: White Christmas and Chef Liz. I can honestly say I have never experienced anything quite like it.


Tenacious Eats begins the night around 5pm with a cash bar (tips going to Toys for Tots) and live music. After all of the guest have arrived, around 7:30pm Chef Liz got things started with an introduction of the staff that night and how things operated: while the movie would be playing, it would be interrupted with the introduction of each course- a description of the food and how it relates to the movie, delivery of the course and cocktail being served (yes, each course came with a small cocktail to accompany it.) You can scroll through the photos to see what we were served, from delicious buttery clams to a decadent chocolate dessert.


My friend descibed the night as “each course was the best of everything I have ever had. Best clams, best crab cakes, best tomato soup…” The food was superb! However, the show is what made it so great, and I don’t mean just the movie. The staff, the smells and sounds of food preparation in the same room we were sitting, the dancers performing the numbers in front of the screen, the Christmas tree lighting up with the audience singing along to White Christmas.


Truly, this experience cannot be found anywhere else, fine dining in an environment that allows you to be comfortable and carefree. And the great news is they have more events coming up. Click on their name above to link to their web page for more information. This is one thing you definitely do not want to miss out on in St. Louis!


This meal was complementary, but the thoughts and feelings about this restaurant and experience are genuine and my own.

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