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Neighborhood: Central West End

Favorite dish: herb & goat cheese omelet  

Original reason for visiting: social media


I can’t believe it took a visitor coming to town to get me over to Café Osage for the first time. I was trying to be impressive when a best friend came to town from California. Café Osage was on my list of restaurants to try in St. Louis for months and new it would show her how “cool” this city really is.


Bowood Farms, where the café is located inside of, has the most incredible nursery and store. The building is incredibly inviting. So, whether you choose inside, landing or patio seating you will have an amazing table with plenty of flora to see.


I start every meal here with a chai latte. As for the dishes I've consumed there, you can check out the photos above with their names. They offer some of the same items year round, but the seasonal items are my favorite. They do seasonal hash, pancakes, and the osage scramble based around what is currently fresh. Every item I've tried is delicious and I'm always excited to try something new!


I recommend planning some extra time before or after your meal to explore the inside store and outside nursery. Also, Bowood offers classes, so be sure to sign up for their email newsletters. Every inch of this place is worth exploring. Café Osage is a great brunch spot in the Central West End, so make sure you check it out soon!

Neighborhood: Downtown

Favorite dish: French toast

Original reason for visiting: research


Cielo is the perfect place for a gorgeous vie and a delicious meal. When we ate here we chose to sit on the patio, which is really the patio next to the rooftop pool. There is an amazing view of the river and downtown. If the weather permits, you better believe I'm going to be brunching on a patio. And this patio takes the cake.


We orders a few drinks and enjoyed the great atmosphere. The chef decided on what we were going to eat, but I was happy with all of his choices. We tried the French toast with Nutella and raspberries, the crab benedict, Sicilian pancakes, and the club sandwich. Everything was delectable, but of course my favorite was the French toast…imagine that.


So, if you’re downtown over the weekend, be sure to check them out!

This meal was complementary, but the thoughts and feelings about this restaurant and experience are genuine and my own.

Neighborhood: Clayton

Favorite dish: oatmeal sans nuts  

Original reason for visiting: social media + invited by the restaurant  


Clayton is a part of St. Louis that I truly adore. I just love to walk around the little streets, peek through shop windows and, of course, eat. For breakfast in Clayton the big hotspot is Half & Half. This place is packed on the weekends and constantly busy for brunch. Which, really, brunch needs to happen more often in this city.  I mean not everyone loves breakfast foods, so brunch is a great option for all! And you sleepyheads can get more rest on the weekends and still enjoy a good hash at 11am.


Okay, enough about my movement for brunch. Back to Half & Half. I’ve been here quite a few times on the weekend for a good, early breakfast. Not too many places are open at 8am on a Saturday either, so kudos to them! Most people who have frequented Half & Half have most likely tried their staples, like the veggie hash, French toast, oatmeal, etc. Each one is amazing, don’t get me wrong. I could eat that oatmeal daily, if feasible. But there comes a time when people want to shake things up a bit.


That’s what made me so excited when Half & Half recently presented a revamped menu. Tess’ Toast is now served with blueberries and lemon curd, the French toast has taken on the taste of s’mores, and they even have breakfast fried rice. But that’s not all. The lunch menu was also pumped up! Lunch. Yes, lunch. GUYS THEY HAVE LUNCH. I think most people overlook the fact that lunch is totally an option here and it’s a really good option.


The new chicken sandwich is delicious and so unique to Half & Half. If you like fried food that’s spicy with an Asian kick, order this first. Personally, I’m a big salad person, so my new favorite here is the chicken salad salad. Also, I just like saying that a lot. Salad salad. It’s fun. But really who thought of making tasty, creamy chicken salad and then adding that to a delicious, leafy salad??? It’s genius. So whether you are going for breakfast, lunch or brunch, be sure to check out Half & Half’s new menu and let me know what you think!


This meal was complementary, but the thoughts and feelings about this restaurant and experience are genuine and my own.

Neighborhood: Rock Hill

Favorite dish: lemon raspberry ricotta pancakes  

Original reason for visiting: social media + word of mouth


So, Katie’s Pizza and Pasta Osteria is one of those very Instagram famous places in St. Louis. I had seen so many pictures from there I thought I had eaten there before I actually had! So after hearing from social media and from all my friends that this was a place I HAD to go, I made the trek (or 20 minute drive). I decided that I would come for the new brunch menu since it was currently filling up my feed…and I am so glad I did.


I am a lover of all things breakfast food, but sometimes when you go out you notice that every restaurant is doing breakfast the same. That cannot be said for Katie’s! Their hearty take on toasts, the insanely massive cinnamon roll, all the flavorful and unique frittatas, wood oven eggs and most importantly (to me) the lemon raspberry ricotta pancakes. Those pancakes aren’t even something I could have dreamt up... they are just that good. Light, fluffy, a little tart, and not overpoweringly sweet.


The food itself would have made our morning, but our service and the environment just put our experience there over the top! We sat on the newly renovated patio on a beautiful morning. The sun was shining, the coffee was flowing, and our waiter Brandon was cracking jokes all over the place. We had such an amazing time and I am so excited to get back for lunch and dinner soon!

UPDATE: I have now been to Katie's brunch probably more times than I can count. The staff is always incredible the food always amazing. We've been for dinner and absolutely love it. If you're ever hoping to spot me in St. Louis brunching, you'll most likely catch me here.

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